The Gastric Balloon

What is a gastric balloon?

The gastric balloon is a balloon that is inserted into the stomach endoscopically, without surgery or stitches, and takes up space in the stomach, making it easier to fill the stomach early and adhere to the diet.  

What is the role of the gastric balloon?

The gastric balloon is one of the most widely used weight loss techniques. The aim is for the balloon to take up space in your stomach and help you feel full more quickly.

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    How is the gastric balloon inserted?

    There are 2 types of gastric balloon. The one that can be inserted endoscopically and the capsule-shaped one that can be swallowed. 

    Gastric balloons, which can be inserted endoscopically, are placed in the endoscopy unit. In the endoscopy unit, the anesthesia team puts you to sleep by administering intravenous drugs. While you sleep, your doctor first diagnoses your stomach using an endoscope and, if there are no obstacles, simultaneously inserts your gastric balloon into your stomach using the endoscope. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and you won’t remember or feel it because you’re asleep. The gastric balloon (Ellipse gastric balloon) is swallowed with water. Anesthesia and endoscopy are not required for this procedure. The location of the capsule-shaped balloon in the stomach is determined by X-ray after you have swallowed it. 

    When it reaches the right place, it is inflated with a special liquid and checked again by X-ray. The inflation cord is then removed. If you have difficulty swallowing the balloon, it can be inserted endoscopically. 

    Who can benefit from a gastric balloon?

    Who cannot benefit from a gastric balloon?

    The gastric balloon is suitable for patients aged between 18 and 55 with a body mass index greater than 27 who are unable to lose weight despite dieting. 

    It is not suitable for patients with severe gastric ulcers, patients who have had all or part of their

    Stomach removed and patients with large gastric hernias. 

    From what weight is the gastric balloon inserted?

    The gastric balloon can only be placed in people whose body mass index is greater than 27. These checks must be carried out before the operation. 

    Is weight gain possible after gastric balloon removal?

    Until the gastric balloon is removed, it is essential for people to adopt correct eating habits and an active lifestyle. If care is not taken, there is a risk of regaining weight after all methods, including sleeve gastrectomy. 

    Does the gastric balloon present a risk?

    The risks of gastric balloon surgery are fairly low. As with any endoscopic procedure, there are risks such as stomach irritation, bleeding and perforation. But these risks are very minimal. 

    Does the gastric balloon have any disadvantages or side effects?

    Nausea and vomiting may occur during the first week following gastric balloon placement. Apart from this, side effects are unlikely to affect your daily life and health. After a week, if the abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting have not subsided, it is rarely necessary to remove the balloon. The stomach is then considered not to accept the balloon. 

    When will I lose weight after the gastric balloon procedure?

    The gastric balloon reduces the sensation of appetite because it increases the feeling of satiety by reducing the volume of the stomach by inflating it and slowing the passage of nutrients. In this way, it prevents the patient from gaining weight and enables them to lose excess kilos. This process can vary from person to person. 

    How many kilos can you lose in 1 month with the gastric balloon?

    Although the extent of weight loss after this treatment varies from person to person, on average 15-20% of total body weight can be lost. It is a very safe treatment with virtually no risk factors. 

    How effective is the gastric balloon?

    The gastric balloon fills part of the stomach. The type of food that fills the remaining part and the extent to which you avoid psychogenic eating determine how effective the balloon is. 

    Weight gain is due to an unbalanced diet based on fast food, a sedentary lifestyle, genetic factors and many other reasons. Many people find it difficult to lose weight. In recent years, particularly since 2020, we can say that there are various options for people who want to lose weight. 

    The number of people who try to lose weight by dieting and exercising is quite high. 

    The gastric balloon is inserted in about 15 minutes and you can leave the hospital after 1 to 2 hours. 

    It does not require hospitalization, and you can return to your normal life the same day. 

    The gastric balloon is inflated with a special blue liquid. The special feature of this liquid is that it warns you if the balloon leaks by coloring your urine blue-green. 

    We have the liquid-filled gastric balloon, the air-filled gastric balloon and the adjustable gastric balloon or swallowed gastric balloon. 

    Doctors can decide on the types of balloons to use and the prices after the tests. 

    We give patients a personalized diet for the first 10 days, and then suggest a healthy eating program. The gastric balloon makes it easier to follow this program. 

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