Zirconium Coating

Zirconium Coating.

Porcelain zirconia is a structural support material. Its main advantage over the old metal substructure is that it has a white color and translucent structure, giving it a natural appearance. Other advantages of zirconia coating are as follows:

It retains its color at all times, like a porcelain structure.

It is totally compatible with dental tissue.

No change in taste or odour in the mouth.

Ease of maintenance.

It is not sensitive to heat or cold.

Zirconia is often used for teeth that do not respond to aesthetic tooth whitening procedures. In addition, zirconia coating is preferred for the restoration of excessively worn teeth, posterior group dental bridges, implant-supported prostheses and smile aesthetics operations.

When Is a Zirconia Coating Necessary?

When aesthetics are affected by gaps between teeth.

When permanent discoloration of the teeth occurs and tooth whitening procedures are insufficient.

For cavities, fractures and severely damaged teeth.

As a dental bridge in cases of tooth loss.

When root canal-treated teeth cannot be filled and must be protected.

In cases of crowding, when the patient prefers not to undergo orthodontic treatment.

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