Leaf Porcelain

Leaf Porcelain

Leaf Porcelain, also known as Laminate veneers, is one of the most preferred treatment methods by those who value aesthetic appearance, especially in recent times.

Leaf Porcelain (Laminate Veneer) is a method applied by abrading the tooth surfaces in contact with the lips and cheeks by 0.3 mm. In some cases, there is no need for any tooth abrasion.

People who value aesthetic appearance and have dental issues that cause discomfort often prefer Laminate Veneer treatment. At Estelion Medical, where successful work is carried out in Leaf Porcelain treatments, we provide our patients with more than they expect in terms of aesthetic appearance, ensuring their comfort during the treatment process.

How Is Leaf Porcelain (Laminate Veneer) Done?

Leaf Porc elain (Laminate Veneer) is one of the most preferred methods recently, and after the patient makes a decision, it is custom-made after taking measurements. After the models are prepared, imitations are applied to the porcelain and a sample application is performed in the mouth. Through this application, the patient can see the final result before any procedure is done. If requested by the patient, the sample application can stay in the mouth for a few days, allowing for a more informed decision-making process. After the decision is made regarding the harmony with the face and whether or not to perform abrasion, the actual procedure is performed.

Leaf Is Porcelain (Laminate Veneer) Characteristics and Advantages:

  • Individuals with teeth discoloration due to tea, coffee, and smoking can get rid of such problems.
  • The procedure is performed without reducing the size of the teeth.
  • There is no visible evidence of any porcelain application in appearance.
  • Patients do not feel the porcelain on the backside of the teeth.
  • It helps to prevent tooth decay, has a long lifespan, and is easy to maintain.

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