Gum Aesthetics

Gum Aesthetics

Every person wants to have a beautiful smile. However, having pearly white teeth alone is not enough for a perfect smile. The gums also need to be in harmony with your teeth. For your gums to be considered healthy, they should be firmly attached to the teeth and have a pink color. Medical science has a solution for this too, with “Pink Esthetics,” giving you the gift of a beautiful smile.

In the digital age, rapidly advancing technology offers various alternatives and solutions in many areas, including dental aesthetics. Previously, even getting a dental filling was a painful process, but now, with a technique called pink esthetics or gum aesthetics, achieving a flawless smile is possible. So, how does the process of gum aesthetics work? Let’s clear your doubts. Here are the questions you may have!

A Comprehensive Approach

Aesthetic factors affect teeth in many ways. Perfect alignment and appearance of teeth alone may not be sufficient when it comes to dental aesthetics. Therefore, a comprehensive approach should be adopted, and the treatment process should be planned according to the patient’s condition. So, what are the factors that influence aesthetics in this comprehensive approach and analysis? Firstly, the proper alignment and form of teeth are crucial in this aesthetic treatment process. The harmony of teeth with the surrounding soft tissues and gums, the visibility of the gum level in some facial expressions such as smiling, undesired pigmentations on front teeth (stains and discolorations on gums), gum recession, whether the gum levels are even and balanced, lip thickness, and asymmetrical gum recession observed in facial expressions are other factors that affect aesthetics.

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