DHI Method Hair Transplant

DHI Method Hair Transplant

Hair transplant, as a significant aesthetic procedure, has been developed to help individuals regain their lost hair. The DHI method, which began its studies in 1970 and laid its foundations, is now known as one of the most advanced hair transplant techniques used today. Since spreading worldwide in 2016 and gaining popularity, the method has been defined as one of the variations of the FUE technique. While the transplantation of hair follicles differs from the FUE technique, the process of collecting grafts remains the same. The most significant advantage that the DHI method offers to patients is the possibility of a non-shaved hair transplant.

Another important feature that sets the DHI method apart from other hair transplant procedures is the Choi Implanter used during the grafting phase. Specifically designed for this method, the Choi Implanter resembles a pen. This special device, which is the essential detail of the application, is the reason why the DHI method is also known as the Choi method.

How Is The DHI Method Applied?

After examinations and general tests, if the hair transplant candidate is suitable for the DHI method, the operation day is determined. On the day of the procedure, the patient’s hair in the donor area (usually the back of the head) is shaved to a length of 3 mm. Then, the grafts containing hair follicles are collected from the donor area either through a micro motor or manually. This is the point where the distinctive features of the DHI method come into play. In this method, there is no need for separate applications to open channels and place hair follicles. The Choi Implanter allows the simultaneous execution of channel opening and hair follicle placement. Each graft taken during the DHI method is placed directly into the Choi Implanter without delay and implanted immediately.

Does The DHI Method Work?

The question “Does the DHI method work for hair transplant?” is asked by all hair transplant candidates suitable for the procedure. First and foremost, it should be known that the success of a hair transplant depends on carefully calculating and implementing multiple details. Designing the hairline accurately and symmetrically, giving the correct angle to the channels where the hair follicles will be placed, ensuring that the transplanted hair grows towards the direction of existing hair, and placing the hair follicles as closely as possible are the most critical factors for the success of a hair transplant. Although the Choi Implanter makes it easier to apply all these details, the DHI method requires delicacy and expertise. When applied by an expert doctor and team, there is no reason for the Choi technique not to be effective.

Advantages of Hair Transplantation With The DHI Method


    1. No need to shave all the hair: Unlike traditional methods, the DHI method allows for hair transplantation without requiring the complete shaving of all hair. This makes it suitable for both men and women.

    2. Minimal damage to surrounding hair: Even though the hair around the transplantation area is long, it remains undamaged during the procedure.

    3. Minimal tissue damage and quick healing: The DHI method causes minimal tissue damage, leading to a shorter healing time. Redness, scabbing, and wounds usually heal within 7-10 days.

    4. Reduced risk of bleeding: The DHI method carries a minimal risk of bleeding, making it an ideal choice for individuals prone to high bleeding risks.

    5. Direct implantation to the required area: DHI hair transplantation offers an extra advantage to individuals with ongoing hair loss, as it allows direct implantation to the needed area.

    6. Maximum compatibility between channels and follicles: The DHI method ensures a high level of harmony between the channels and hair follicles.

    7. No waiting time for graft placement: Since the collected grafts are immediately placed in their new locations, there is no risk of graft death due to waiting.

    8. Simultaneous channel opening and follicle placement: Both the channel opening and follicle placement are performed simultaneously during the DHI method.

    9. Excellent symmetry in the hairline: The DHI method provides a higher rate of achieving perfect symmetry in the hairline.

    10. Precise determination of the direction of each hair follicle: The direction of each hair follicle can be accurately determined during the procedure.

    11. No visible scars after the operation: The DHI method leaves no visible scars after the hair transplant.

    Disadvantages of Hair Transplantation with the DHI Method:

    1. Requires expertise and precision: The DHI method must be performed by a skilled doctor and team, requiring extensive training to achieve competency in the technique.

    2. Slower process compared to other methods: The DHI method may progress at a slightly slower pace compared to other hair transplant procedures.

    3. Higher cost: The DHI method is generally more costly than other hair transplant procedures.

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