Our Doctors

Ardini Health Group is a leading healthcare provider offering superior healthcare. Ardini Health Group, with its years of experience and expert staff, offers the highest level of care and treatment to its patients. A plus is committed to providing its patients with an uninterrupted health experience by collaborating with hospitals and prominent physicians. The aim of Ardini Health Group is to provide personalized treatment and care for each individual with a patient-oriented approach. For this purpose, A plus hospitals with which it cooperates are committed to protecting the health of patients at the highest level by providing a comfortable and safe environment equipped with modern medical technology. Specialist physicians are professionals who are experts in their fields, experienced and have up-to-date knowledge. Ardini Health Group leverages the know-how of these experts to provide its patients with the best treatment methods and health solutions. This cooperation of Ardini Health Group with A plus hospitals and specialist physicians supports the goal of providing high quality healthcare services to their patients. In this way, patients feel safe and have the opportunity to achieve the best health outcomes.
Dr. Mine Atlı
Dr. Akin Kocaoluk